I am so afraid of needles it takes Xanax to even do blood work, much less the idea of an IV and injection in my neck. But it was so worth it! I have lived in pain for over 20 years from damage in my neck from a car accident. It took me 17 years and breaking down crying in the doctor’s office to even get a doctor to believe I was in pain. I have seen several “specialists” in the last 3 years, but Dr. Jones was the first to actually help. He was the first to recommend physical therapy.  While it wasn’t a miracle cure, it got me out of the extreme pain and cramping of the latest crisis and made life bearable again. But this wasn’t enough for Dr. Jones. Most days the pain was a 4-6, what it has been for years. He did an epidural/cortisone shot in my neck and 2 weeks later the pain is a 1. I know that due to the damage it will always be there, but it no longer controls me or what I can do. It is amazing to not have to consider how I move my neck and head in every little thing I do!!! Thank you so much Dr. Jones!!!!

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